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CEO Greetings
CEO Greetings
Ladies and gentleman,
I, Choi Joonseong, as CEO of JINBO Co., Ltd.
would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you for visiting our official website.
JINBO Co.,Ltd., the company which manufactures small to middle aerial platform trucks as well as various special vehicles, has always engaged in development of manifold quality products with new technologies under the idea that highly puts the user safety above the rest.
All executives and staff members of our company are continuing to create innovative moves and challenges with the confidence that they contribute to the industrial development as well as human societies with the world best product and services.
We, as a global leader, promise to carry out our responsibilities and accountabilities to the fullest to provide more benefits and a life of riches to the future society.
We cordially expect you to understand any inadequacies in our website and promise to meet all your requirements with all our best efforts.
Hoping you to get closer to JINBO Co., Ltd. by sharing numerous informations through our website, we wish your family to be filled with everlasting happiness.
JINBO Co., Ltd.
CEO Choi Joonseong
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